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Metallizing International has been a solution partner for many companies who are experiencing problems using metal components in their machinery and factories. Companies who are losing large amounts of production time, and money, due to lack of durability or machine components that are subject to chemical corrosion, wear, heat oxidation and impact or heavy mechanical stress.

Metallizing is thé trusted solution partner that has been active for more than 20 years for these sorts of companies.

With the expertise that has been acquired over the years, you are assured of an experienced and cooperative supplier to whom you can confidently entrust your issue. Service and flexibility have always been the basis and the spearhead of the organization.

A good choice of which surface treatment and which material can achieve the best result for your machines is crucial. By applying one or more surface treatments, an organization can increase the ROI on each part used, as described above, by up to 400%.

Examples of the added value that we offer include:

  • Use sensitive parts longer
  • Less loss of downtime of your machines or production
  • Increases resistance to heat, oxidation, sea water, atmospheric corrosion
  • Improve electrical conductivity or resistance issues
  • Restoring your parts to their original size
  • Applying wear-resistant coatings
  • Increased protection against corrosion

Due to the high level of expertise and experience in the industry and the strong network of cooperation partners, we can always provide you with the right solution to your problem.

We don’t say for nothing; “Your problem is our challenge!”


Metallizing is your solution-oriented partner, not just a supplier, who can make the right choices, fitting to your needs, with the best current knowledge available, in the right way. Revision, engineering, advice or manufacturing new custom-made parts, at Metallizing International B.V. you can increase revenue, reduce costs, enhance production and be more profitable!


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Like every organization, we have formulated and applied our mission, vision and strategy in recent years. If we look at this pragmatically, it comes down to the following; We do something right or we don't do it! Read more,...


Every technique or treatment has its own added value and advantages and disadvantages. For this reason it is essential that you get the right advice from an expert in metal surface treatments. Read more,...


Metallizing International B.V. is involved in thermal spraying, the application of corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, heat-resistant and erosion-resistant coatings on all types of machine parts and is known for its absolute knowledge and expertise for every market.

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